PDI and Mass Maritime Academy Partner to Deploy PDI's Patented Hydrokinetic Turbine

January 25, 2018

Power Development International and Massachusetts Maritime Academy Demonstrate New Hydropower Technology: Successful Test Sets the Stage for Commercial-Scale Deployments of PDI’s Low-Cost Hydrokinetic Solution

BUZZARDS BAY, MASSACHUSETTS – Power Development International (PDI), a Framingham-based clean energy company, announced the successful completion of a live demonstration of its proprietary hydrokinetic renewable energy system in the Cape Cod Canal.  Massachusetts Maritime Academy hosted the week-long demonstration at its Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts campus. Power Development International’s hydrokinetic system produced 10 kW of reliable baseload power using the kinetic energy in the water passing through the Cape Cod Canal.

“We were very pleased to see the results of our deployment at Mass Maritime,” said Thomas Feldman, Co-Founder, and CEO of PDI “We successfully demonstrated that our system can transform the latent kinetic energy in the Canal’s tidal flows into reliable power. Our turbine is designed to produce more power at slower water velocities which makes deployments possible in many more rivers, canals, and tidal sites than were previously feasible with existing technologies.” 

PDI plans to use its technology to make beneficial use of the otherwise wasted energy in naturally flowing water in canals, inland waterways, and downstream of conventional hydropower stations.
“The results of this demonstration project confirm that we can produce reliable baseload renewable energy that is cost competitive with other forms of new generating capacity on an unsubsidized basis,” said Feldman.

The Marine Department of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's Center for Renewable and Responsible Energy (CRRE) supported the deployment by providing PDI a staging area to assemble its turbine, support from its operations staff, and resources from the its Aquaculture Lab, including high-definition underwater cameras to observe interactions between PDI’s turbine and the aquatic habitat.  According to Rear Admiral Francis X. McDonald, President; “Massachusetts Maritime Academy has unique facilities and staff to assist companies developing marine hydrokinetic turbine technologies.  The dependable tidal currents of Cape Cod Canal flowing past our Taylor Point campus allow real world testing conditions for these emerging technologies.  Additionally, these deployments engage our students in cutting edge renewable energy activities.”

About Power Development International (www.hydro-pdi.com)
Power Development International (PDI) is a hydrokinetic technology and project development company headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. Founded in 2015, PDI partners with utilities, independent power producers, and large consumers of electricity to implement hydrokinetic programs that make beneficial use of existing infrastructure to generate low-cost baseload renewable energy. PDI has patented turbine and blade designs, as well as a patented method for scaling its units into optimized arrays that minimize the efficiency loss typically associated with farms of hydrokinetic turbines.

About Massachusetts Maritime Academy (www.maritime.edu)
Located in the Cape Cod Canal of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts Maritime Academy has over 100 years history of providing maritime education to meet the professional, environmental health, safety training, and energy needs in the marine industry. The Academy is uniquely positioned through its programs to offer necessary training, research, and operation supports for the marine offshore industry.