Holyoke High School Welcomes PDI for Semester-Long Learning Opportunity

PDI is working with Holyoke High School (“HHS”), the public High School in the community where PDI is developing its next hydrokinetic project with Holyoke Gas & Electric. What followed is a template for educational partnership that will last for years to come. Jake Belanger, STEM Academics Coordinator and Mathematics Department Chair shared:

“The field based learning experience with Tom Feldman & PDI was a highlight for this year's students in the Technology, Engineering, & Design Academy at HHS. Students left the site visit with a deeper understanding of the engineering process, a meaningful real world connection to their classroom academics, and an enriched first hand engineering experience they will remember for a lifetime. I am grateful to Mr. Feldman for providing our students the opportunity to engage with him and local professionals associated with his project. Providing our students these meaningful field based learning experiences is an essential part of advancing the mission of college and career readiness and I hope to continue building the educational partnership with Mr. Feldman and PDI. Thank You!”

By working with Administration and faculty, PDI and HHS developed a semester-long independent study program where students in their senior year earn credits for studying PDI’s hydrokinetic technology, doing site visits and passing their new knowledge on to younger grades at HHS. The seniors taking part in the study will be creating a lesson plan for their final project to teach middle school, 9th, and 10th graders in Holyoke about the turbine and other types of hydroelectric power so they can excite students about this at a young age and the independent study can continue for years come. Learn more about the partnership and curriculum through this link to the HHS school paper “The Herald”.